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History and Significance of Memorial Day




This past Monday, our nation observed Memorial Day, a day where we honor our servicemen and women who are or have served and sacrificed for our country. It is a holiday where people relax, enjoy their day off from work, and spend time with their friends and families while honoring and appreciating those who made it possible for us to live our lives as comfortably and freely as we do. Let us take a deeper look into Memorial Day, however. How did this day come to exist?

It all started on May 30th, 1868 after the Civil War. Union General John A. Logan declared this day to honor all of the fallen soldiers of the Civil War. In 1888, this day was officially named Memorial Day. Many years later, in 1971, Richard Nixon announced that Memorial Day was to be considered a federal holiday, and would be held on the last Monday of every May to honor the fallen soldiers in all wars.

We hope everyone enjoyed reading this brief overview of the history and meaning of Memorial Day. Also, we hope all families enjoyed their Memorial Day this year.

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