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How and When to List Your Home

While this year has seen a strong seller’s market, it doesn’t hurt to use every advantage possible to get the best price for your home. When you want to list your home, there are a few tips that can help you sell faster and get more than your asking price. Keep these in mind when working with your realtor.

Best Season to List Your Home

For optimum exposure, less competition, and a higher price point, list in spring. To be more specific: list the week of April 18th-24th.  A study from showed that homes listed in this magic week could experience 5% less competition, sell eight days faster, and receive 11% more online page views than during the average week. While you may have missed this narrow window in April, be assured that listing anytime in spring will still benefit your pocketbook. The optimum time to list also varies according to region. Even with variation, the top real-estate markets still show the best times to list are in spring and its neighbor summer.

Best Time of Week to List

Take a moment and consider what day of the week is the best for listing your home. The real answer may surprise you. Homes listed on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday tend to sell for $1,700 more than homes listed on the weekend. In some areas, this amount can increase by thousands of dollars. Homes listed during the middle of the week also sold two days faster according to recent research. This is likely because it gives buyers a chance to look at the home, call their agent about it, and set up a weekend tour.

How to List the Price

It may be tempting to list your home for less than you’re willing to accept in order to drive traffic, but you’d be making a mistake. You want to price your home accurately from the get-go. If you have too many interested parties from a low price point, you may miss the truly serious buyers. The crowd drawn by an inaccurate price will only muddy the waters. Your goal is to draw in serious buyers as quickly as possible, not wade through buyers who will turn away from the number you truly want them to pay. While some in the initial crowd drawn by a low price point would be willing to pay a higher price, the sudden increase may put a bad taste in those buyers’ mouths. Few people like the idea they’re dealing with someone who seems dishonest during the largest purchase of their life. List a price you’d be happy to receive to get your home sold quickly and with less stress.


Keep these three things in mind and you’ll have done your best to get your home sold at the price and in the timing you want. Apart from the listing, there are many factors to consider in selling your home, and we’d like to help. If you are looking for people you can trust during the process, send us an email at

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