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At Arcus VA Mortgage, we aim to educate and inform all of our borrowers. There are several loan scenarios we can run, and each scenario will deliver options for different loan types. The following are the most popular loan programs for home-buyers.

  • VA Loan
    • Specific to active duty and veterans.
    • Includes a one-time funding fee of up to 3.3%.
      • Your funding fee can be waived if you have a registered VA disability rating of 10% or more.
    • Guaranteed by the government.
    • Offers lower rate options for home-buyers.
  • FHA Loan
    • 3.5% down is the minimum requirement.
    • Includes upfront Mortgage Insurance (MI) and monthly MI
  • Conventional Loan
    • 5% down is the minimum requirement.
    • Includes monthly MI

*Note: For Conventional and FHA Loan products, the borrower will pay  Mortgage Insurance on the loan until a Loan-to-Value (LTV) is 80%.

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